Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Door County Style Cherry Bounce

My mother's side of the family comes from Door County, in Wisconsin - the cherry capital of the US.  Naturally they've figured out how to cook cherries every which way.
Our particular favorite is cherry bounce, a sweet boozy drink.

This recipe is very simple, from my mother's cousin, who owns a cherry orchard.

Door County Style Cherry Bounce

2 quart mason jars
1 quart brandy
1 cup sugar
lots of cherries (a bag?)

  1. Wash out your mason jars and allow to dry.
  2. Combine brandy and sugar, whisk and heat over low heat, just enough to dissolve the sugar, no more.  You don't want to boil it - just get the brandy clear to the bottom, and you're done.  Let it cool, then divide between the two mason jars.
  3. Toss pitted cherries into the jars until full to the brim, seal.
  4. Let the mix sit in a cool, dark place for four months.  If you're making this in July, it will be ready by Thanksgiving!

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