Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Some sort of exercise regime...

Let me admit straight up.  I like rich food.  And I enjoy eating.  And I like sleeping in late.  And sitting reading for hours or even days at a time.

And these activities do not combine well for a healthy lifestyle.  For a long time I struggled keeping on any weight because my appetite was so low.  So it really didn't matter what I ate so long as I did eat at all.  I'm a small woman - topping out at five feet tall.  And naturally slight.  I have small hands, proportionately long limbs and a slim bone structure.

When I was in high school I was frequently mistaken for a semi-anorexic person.  When that happened I would laugh and say "Nope!  I know I'm thin.  I wish I weighed more!"  But I guess you could say I had some kind of bodily eating disorder, if you're not willing to blame it on my bipolar.

Eventually I was put on Geodon sometime around 2007-ish, and it worked wonders for me, and suddenly I was able to keep a little weight on.  Suddenly I got hips.  And breasts!  Nice breasts.  Suddenly the fabled 95-105 lb zone was possible.

But alas, as happens sometimes with people on anti-psychotics, I developed tardive dyskinesia in my lips.  That's involuntary muscle twitches that gradually get worse.  It looked like I was making strange faces out of the blue.  I guess I was lucky, because it was so noticeable.  Some people get it in their arms or legs and don't notice until its severe and permanent.

So off the Geodon I went, and I was put on Clozapine.  That's a story in itself for another day, but tl;dr, I had to stop school for a semester to adjust, and my metabolism is completely different now.

I ended up gaining twenty-five pounds.  I'd like to go back to 120 or 115lbs, that sounds feasible to me, but obviously purposefully losing weight is always harder than we'd like.

Exercising frequently was easy during the summer.  But now that I have school everyday, and so much homework, it's hard to get in a workout and watch what I eat so much.

For the food, I'm just trying to surround myself with only good options, and loading up on green vegetables and fruit.

As for exercise, I think I will do what I call "the Busy Day Workout."

When I'm sitting at home, I set my phone for thirty minutes, and every time it goes off, I get up, do 25 jumping jacks, and 10 crunches/sit ups.

We'll see how it goes.

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