Thursday, October 10, 2013

the ossobucco is coming...

My 25th birthday is approaching.  It will be upon me at 11:15pm tomorrow night.
And I have been promised Ossobucco, with braised root vegetables and saffron risotto.  How could a girl not feel loved when she receives such a meal?  It will be served on Saturday, because we are working people and like true food lovers, know the best meals take days of preparation.
Such reparations are already starting.

As you can see, Ma went to the local butchers and brought home veal bones and chicken backs and necks to roast with celery so she can make both beef and chicken stock from scratch.  The smell wafting out of the oven is heavenly!

Tomorrow I will go to the store and pick up the remaining ingredients for the weekend, including sweet cream ice cream and my birthday cake (chocolate I hope!), because I don't trust anyone else to pick the perfect cake.

Younger Sister and Even Younger Brother are coming home for my birthday weekend, so this will be quite an occasion.  I am the oldest child.  Sadly, homework stops for no birthday, so there will be no shopping excursion as Sis hopes.  Alas, I really don't need more makeup, I have all I need, and I prefer to splurge on food and sex toys rather than cosmetics and shoes.  To each their own, I suppose.

I have been banging out poems recently like no one's business.  Perhaps I shall post some...

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