Friday, October 4, 2013

What's On the Dinner Plate? 10/3/2013

Tonight's a very vegetabley dinner.  I nuked some leftover green beans with the tiniest amount of olive oil and salt when I got home from school, then sat back with a tall glass of Crystal Lite's Mojito Mix - virgin of course.  It is a Thursday night, after all.

Later I made myself a large bowl of red miso soup - instant, sadly.  I have to go rather far out of my way to find good red miso paste.  If you develop the taste for it, miso soup is really very satisfying, since it hits both salty and umami notes.

Now I'm nomming on something my Mom whipped up in the toaster oven - Parmesan breadcrumb zucchini rounds.  She sliced a big fat zucchini up into quarter-inch thick slices, drizzled them with a little olive oil, then sprinkled with bread crumbs (a mix of low-sodium saltines and wheat thins run through the food processor until fine) and pre-grated parmesan cheese.  Then she arranged them on a parchment-paper lined tray and baked them until cooked all the way through.

They are a bit mushy, so I'm eating them with a fork.  But honestly, they are SO GOOD.

Now you see them...

Now they're in my stomach.

On another note, I recently acquired a We-Vibe Salsa for a steep steal on Amazon, as well as a Tantus Alumina Motion, prompted by the unwelcome news that both are going to be discontinued.  They're pretty awesome, and a review will be forthcoming when I'm better acquainted with them.  I would have sooner, but my menses interferred, and that's nuff said.

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